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Meet SPIDERmania! Big Round Wheel's newest ride that combines the popular cyclonic motion of the popular Scrambler ride with free swinging seats designed to accommodate two small children or one adult per seat. SPIDERmania has a capacity of between 24-48 passengers and a cycle turnover in approx. 8 minutes making SPIDERmania a higher capacity attraction.

If you are looking for a unique ride that many people have not experienced, this meets the mark! SPIDERmania's design incorporates two orbital motions which often prevents dizzy feelings among riders and making for a very comfortable,smooth ride. In fact, many people who ride get right back in line to do it again. Big Round Wheel Amusements makes Amusement ride rental fun and easy, with a variety of rides available to offer for rental.

The SPIDERmania ride takes up approx. 50 ft. circle, Its 30 ft. tall and can be set up on Asphalt, Concrete or Dry firm grass. This is an excellent proportion that fits a relatively large ride into a small footprint which allows for higher capacity while taking up less valuable ground space.

SPIDERmania is a Family ride and is intended for both adults and children 36" and taller. The ride is outfitted with the latest L.E.D. amusement ride light package and is bright enough to light up the whole area with colorful light patterns and can be seen easily in the daytime as well.

This is a very unique ride and few have been produced, When renting amusement rides and looking for something different. Many guests have said, its not only fun to ride, its fun to look at!

Your guests will appreciate SPIDERmania!